Monday, October 29, 2012

My Journey, Part 2

So.... My all consuming love affair for a rum no longer made somehow, over they years has lead me to this. A search for rums where hardly anyone ever looks. Surprisingly the place is nearby and it has a long long history of rum. Where is this land of history soaked rumology? Why right here in the USA!

Now don't get me wrong the mass made rums we have available are fine products. Their Premium and Specialty offerings are great as well. What I wanted to know was – What about rum made right here in the states?

Once I had accepted that CSR was not coming back; well not the original for I have heard murmurings of a “new” CSR – but have not heard much else, I felt comforted in seeking out the regulars. Realizing my waistline could not stand a steady diet of Rum & Coke (one of my favorites) – I even switched to Diet Coke. Still the very best rum is rum drunk neat. OK maybe a rock or two – but rum straight.

I found that I liked darker rums (not liking the spiced rums too much though – but open to the possibilities), especially with Coke as the heightened caramel flavors were just a tremendous mix. I like Bicardi, liked Meyers, pretty much liked most. Then, I retired.

My family is wonderful. They like to have a party for just about anything, but, they respect requests. I asked that no big thing be made of my retirement. That was obeyed. However, everyone dropped cards and gifts on me without a party. One gift, among a group of great gifts, was a bottle of clear Tommy Bahama Rum. Very good. This was a different taste as well. Now I was learning that rums had a spectrum of tastes that, to me, were as broad as wine! I mentioned how much I liked the clear and that I loved the darker for mixing, especially with Coke. Voila! A bottle of Tommy Dark! It was as good as I could imagine. Still though I was in the crowd with the crowd.

One of the things about being retired is the ability to explore more. On one of our trips to Traverse City Michigan, I read about a distillery that make whiskey, vodka and RUM! Needless to say I was intrigued. Alas we did not seek it our more actively, but that is a sin I shall not re-commit! For now I must do more research to find it.

So that's it – that's how it started. I found that rum was being made here. Here being the USA. To be frank I have only found one, that is Certified 100% USA made (meaning that not only is the spirit distilled here in the US – every ingredient is also USA grown or produced. We'll get to that one very soon – So stay tuned.

So fellow Rummies (wear the title proudly!) stay tuned. Drop me a line, comment, send me your ideas. One thing in the making will be a Rick The Rum Runner taste card & ranking. Remember not often is alcohol encouraged – but rum was required!

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