Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello -- Welcome!

The direction of Rick, The Rum Runner (RTRR) is simple; to enjoy craft/small batch rums made in the USA. No prejudice against large and or foreign made rums, just that they have a pretty good following already for their quality product. My aim is to uncover and present to you, the little guys. This is sort of "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, " but for rum, not food [Although the two often mix very nicely].

How this is gonna work

Just getting started I have to say there are a few goals.
First, I plan, over the next few days and weeks, to develop a database of these small rum distillers. I will list them by state. How to present it here will be done with a master list that I will update, and a blog post listing the state or states for that day. I hope to get a link to a list you, the rum drinker/reader, can access and get the low down on your state or perhaps one you plan to visit.

Second, I want to develop a standard Taste Card. Something that will score a rum based on attributes. I have my ideas -- but am open to yours. So if you have an idea for an attribute (say: color, aroma etc) and what scale to use (Sweet to dry - or sour or hot) I am open. Eventually I plan to have a card that you can print or fill in and get to me so we can build a real Merit Review Board.

Finally, I'd love stories from you (submit to my email) telling me of places listed here or new ones that you've found. That's it -- get your rum-face on and let's have some fun!

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