Monday, October 29, 2012

A Bit of Rum History in the USA.

 Rum has been popular in the US long before we were the United States. While sugar cane production, particularly in the Caribbean, was where most of the raw material for rum making came from (Rum, by the way had been around for a long time before sugar cane was used - Marco Polo commented upon "wine made from sugar" in his travels to the far east centuries before.) the first distillery for rum on United States soil was 1664. It was located on Staten Island. Massachusetts had a distillery just three years later.
Rum has a long history in the USA, and beyond much of what many of us take as obvious: Pirates, slave trade, Navel rations etc, there is still more to discover -- Please feel free to read more, and I make these suggestions:
Wikipedia General Information -- history -- even some how to...
Rum Facts, Rum Ratings and Rum Reviews at More detail -- some real intrigue and a great source on Rums. I plan to stick to US made craft rums -- so for a general education read this article.
The History of Rum - Blogcritics Tastes - The History in a nutshell. A short, informative two page column...

As usual -- you are more than welcome to comment and or email me with ideas, questions, favorite US Rums, perhaps your taste experiences with this wonderful spirit.

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