Monday, August 22, 2016

More Rum News - Summer 2016

 In desperate need of an update, and we have a Tasting to report!
I have done some soul searching and decided we will be doing monthly posts and more, if needed. I have been exploring new distilleries during the years and frankly I need to go through them all - see who is still around and such as well as research states I have in the past and see what is new. That is a lot of behind the scenes, but will be of great value to you dedicated readers in your research of new, American Made Rums.

First. we finally stopped at Grand Traverse Distillery (the location in Leland, Fishtown). I had tasted their Rum a couple of years ago, but I had not tasted the "finished" bottled product, Silver Rum for over a year.
They use an imported Caribbean sugarcane, but it is all made right there in Traverse City.
The sampling was, as fully expected, a pleasure. When done in house with the Master Distiller, the product was a very nice rum. In its store bottle, it is understated, refined and quite good. As usual, I tend to see a clear rum as more of a mixer. Well, this one would make a very, very nice mixer rum. I can easily see this neat (or a cube if wanted) as a sipper as well as the butterscotch nose is nice as is the vanilla flavor on the tongue. I can recommend this one, for sure.
At their website the advertise a Dark, Aged Rum -- None in evidence -- we will pursue and see what we find! I had tasted this rum in their downtown Travers store last time, but I love making the Quality Control taste whenever I can!
I can say, if you are in the Tasting room in Fishtown, their entire line is nice. However, for a treat, head to the distillery itself, just south of Traverse city, and see the magic! Say "hi" to them for me when you are there.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Checking in -- June 2016

As summer become more of a reality, we are, looking at things to do, places to go and Rum drinks to make. First, let's talk; what's happening around the Rum Business.

First, We hear from Tailwinds Distillery, right here in Chicagoland:

After Dark Rum Batch #4 Release!
The wait is over! Batch #4 of Dark Rum will be released & Available for the general public purchase at the distillery on Saturday June 18th beginning at 12 noon. Looking for the perfect present for Father's Day" Tell Pappy you love him with the gift of a Gold Award Winning Dark Rum!

We are following Rational Spirits (South Carolina) on Twitter. We hope to tell you more soon! Always out to track down new Rums. 

Here's a bit from Lyons Distilling;

Big News!
We are excited to announce the arrival of our new 500G pot still, bringing our distillation capacity to 680G!
Welded by hand in Barlow, KY, by our favorite still maker; Hillbilly Stills, we can't wait to fire it up and make way more rum & Whiskey than ever before.
The LDC team is also growing, and we recently lanched an official Istigram account @lyondistilling - so be sure to follow us to see what's new & meet the team!

For a great summer drink, using your choices of rum we send you to our own mothership - Just click the link for a luscious Watermelon Breeze!
They recommend a well know brand -- but use a nice American Made Rum and move it up! Be interested in what you think of the drink and... What Rum did you use?? 

Til Next time!

Friday, June 03, 2016

Summer's Coming. Some Rumner Time Recipes

Couple of things. I managed to hurt my back (it's a long story, not rum related - Let's leave it there) so I am not exploring Minnesota this weekend. That said, the world of Rum is just getting its Summer on. Let's look around.

Fair Game Beverages Releases their Amber Rum

"We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our family of libations, our Amber Rum!

Join us at the distillery on Saturday, June 11, from 2-6pm for a Fair Game Rum Release and 2nd Birthday Tiki Celebration!

  Our longest aged spirit yet, our Amber Rum is made from organic panela sugar, sourced from a family farm in Columbia, South America.  Panela sugar is a deeply sweet, floral and earthy form of raw unrefined cane sugar.  We slowly ferment our rum wash using a traditional Carribean rum yeast, adding wild-fermented dunder to the wash to add further interest and complexity on the palate.  We slowly distill our Amber Rum twice on our copper alembic Hoga still, paying close attention as the liquor runs to capture and highlight the unique flavor and aroma of our rum.  Batch #001 was aged for 15 - 17 months at 125 proof, and bottled at the perfect intersection of oakiness, maturity, playfulness, and complexity.

The end result?  A lively, funky aged rum that captures the sweet floral complexity of the raw Panela sugar, and is perfect for summer Tiki drinks, or simply sipping with ice."

Having tasted their rums - I have to say it was a different, very pleasant surprise. The Panela sugar is a great addition to the experience. The aging just has to make this a prize winning drink. My first experience (read here) was great. Gotta get a taste of the Amber!!

Pirates Punch - Ricks' Way

When the whole search for rums began, my wife and I were on a tour on St Kitts. We had been given a tour off the beaten track of most of the other tours, and got to see The locals' favorite beaches, their cane fields (actually drove through cane and got my first taste of new sugar). We also stopped at the place where they look out over the Carribean and party. It was a plateau above a beach (I'm talking 100 feet above). That was where I had my first CSR/Pirates Punch. Alas CSR is gone but their simple, tasty recipe for Punch lives on. I don't fool around and make this by the gallon.

RTRR Punch

Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Guava Juice
Mango Juice
Clear Rum
Aged Rum
Angostura Bitters.

I have used frozen and made the juices with just a bit less water that they recommend (Great if you use lots of ice). Also have used bottled juices, but try to get the most natural juices!
I don't use Coconut. they didn't so I don't
I use a large pitcher, that holds a bit more than a gallon. 
Here Is how I assemble:
16 oz rum (8 each)
About 6-8 shakes of Bitters
Fill with fruit juices
Do NOT add ice at this time -- let it sit in the fridge overnight, or longer. so its GOOD and cold. The less ice you have to add dilutes the punch less.

Add ice to a glass fill with the punch, and enjoy! I must stress to either be a controlled drinker here as this is one of those "Sneak up and get ya" drinks. Best to drink where you can stay to make sure you do NOT drive Buzzed, high, tipsy, whatever.

See you next time with Run News and Rum Fun!!
I am:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Heading Out To Minnesota

Summer is fast approaching and we are looking to discover new rum. I spotted a few of them, let's see what they have to offer>

I found Norseman Distillery and nosed through their website. They have one rum, a white. Their story brings in the Norseman persona and history:
"Norseman Distillery, the first micro-distillery in Minneapolis, was
founded with principles of using the very best local ingredients to produce small batches of exceptionally fine spirits. From our micro-distillery in northeast Minneapolis, we hand craft each batch with the hopes of inspiring legendary cheer in those who drink it. ..."

I have a file on Norseman and find a picture of a spiced rum. However, I did not see it on their site. Let's just say - we are always willing to try what the distiller has, so if there is a Spiced genre... we will taste and tell. We are trying to work in a visit to this Distillery in the upcoming weeks. I am sending email, letting them know we are aware of them and hopefully will be showing up one day.

The second Distillery Far North Distillery is near the Canadian boarder. Don't think we will be able to make that trek, this time. As always we beg a taste and tell them of our discovery. 
Here is a bit of their story:

"Great Grandpa Gustaf and his wife Anna Christine arrived in Minnesota, from Sweden, 100 years ago. They built the farm in the harshest of climates because the soil is among the most fertile on Earth and the prairie reminded them of home.
Our job is to craft spirits the live up to their legacy"

Finally, I see on my screen, 11 Wells. I perused their website and found they have 2 rums, both sounding very interesting. We will go through the proper outreach to them and we hope to travel out there, perhaps this summer. Here is some of their story:
"Located in the historic Hamm's Brewery on Minnehaha Avenue, in St. Paul, 11 Wells is proud to be part of the revitalization of the Payne Avenue Corridor along with our other great neighbors; Ward 6 Restaurant, Ace Hardware, Flat Earth Brewery and Urban Organics. And, yes, there are 11 wells on the site, the 11 of which is the source of water for our spirits. You may have heard of us before under the name Mill City Distillery, but we renamed our Distillery 11 Wells, to be true to our St. Paul roots. .."

So there ya have it. We are travelling many weekends this year, so stop by and check (You can register with your email and be notified). Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @Rick_Rum_Runner, and always lick the glass: